Discovering Dobby’s Grave in Pembrokeshire

Suppose you’re a Harry Potter fan visiting Pembrokeshire. In that case, you’ll be thrilled that this beautiful county is home to Dobby’s Grave. Yes, you can see the location where the emotional scenes of Dobby’s farewell were filmed. Despite filming over a decade ago, a shrine to the beloved house elf still stands at this picturesque spot. And what a location it is!

Read on to learn how to find Dobby’s Grave and make the most of your visit.

Where is Dobby’s Grave?

Dobby’s Grave is located on Freshwater West Beach in Pembrokeshire. This remote and often windswept corner of Wales showcases the raw power of nature on a grand scale, which likely influenced its selection for such dramatic scenes.

In addition to Dobby’s final moments, Freshwater West was the filming location for the ‘Shell Cottage’ scenes in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2. While Shell Cottage was removed after filming, the beach gained worldwide fame and remained immortalized on the big screen.

How to Get to Freshwater West Beach

Reaching Freshwater West Beach requires some effort. It’s about 15 minutes beyond Pembroke, known for its historic castle. As you get closer, the roads become narrower, so take your time and enjoy the scenic drive. This area of Pembrokeshire is stunning, with nearby attractions like Bosherston, Barafundle, St Govan’s, Stack Rocks, and the Green Bridge of Wales, all worth a visit.

Nearest Postcode: SA71 5AH

Map Reference: SR88184 00040

Where to Park for Dobby’s Grave

Freshwater West has a sizeable car park directly opposite the beach, and it’s free! Public conveniences and changing facilities are also available, making it a convenient spot for visitors.

Car Park Map Reference: SR 886 995

Nearest Postcode: SA71 5AH

How to Find Dobby’s Grave

To find Dobby’s Grave, follow these steps:

  1. Cross the road from the car park and take the concrete path down to the beach.
  2. Keep the sea on your left, walk along the beach. After a few minutes, you’ll see stones high up in the dunes on your right.
  3. Climb up the steep, soft dunes to reach the shrine.

This location is exceptional and worth the climb!

More Information on Freshwater West

Freshwater West is approximately half an hour from the popular seaside resort of Tenby, and the nearest town is Pembroke. It’s also situated on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, making it an excellent spot to combine your visit with walking. For more information on walks in Pembrokeshire, check out local guides or walking books.

Tips for Walking in Pembrokeshire

  • Footwear: Wear at least mid-ankle boots to handle muddy, wet, or rocky paths. Proper footwear can prevent wet feet and twisted ankles.
  • Gear: Carry the right gear, including a map and compass, especially for longer hikes.

Where to Stay Near Freshwater West

While Freshwater West has limited accommodations, the surrounding area offers many options, including campsites, B&Bs, guesthouses, hotels, and self-catering accommodations.

Enjoy your magical visit to Dobby’s Grave and the enchanting Pembrokeshire coast!

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